ABC57 Road Trip: iFLY Chicago Lincoln Park

ABC57 Road Trip: iFLY Chicago Lincoln Park

CHICAGO, Ill. – Looking for a chance in the sky? Welcome to iFLY Chicago Lincoln Park. The Chicago destination is next level fun for everyone! Guests can experience the sensation of flying in the state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnels.

“iFLY take the best sky diving and confines it into a wind tunnel to create wind velocity for anyone ages 3 to 103,” says Adam Fultz, Lead Trainer.  “Lot of people do not want to sky dive, or thinking about it, or current sky divers looking to get better we give them an opportunity to come in and try a sport that maybe they thought they would never try.”

If you are interested in visiting iFLY, they have several locations including multiple in the Chicago area. Learn more here.

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