ABC57 Road Trip: Become a 'brewsader' in Grand Rapids

ABC57 Road Trip: Become a ’brewsader’ in Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- “Grand rapids in the last 10 years has had a total explosion in the breweries and really taken that on as the identity of the city which is so fun to be a part of,” says Heather Van Dyke-Titus, Co-Owner of Harmony Hall.  

Need a drink to cool down?! Well, ABC57 News has you covered! For this week’s road trip, we headed to beer city USA!

 “The main thing about the beer city guild is to promote Grand Rapids as a beer city destination.”

And they do not call it beer city for nothing! Welcome to Grand Rapids, Michigan! The craft brewing hub has over 60 breweries for visitors to choose from. We started our journey off Bridge Street at Harmony Hall.

The craft brewery has been serving the community and beyond for 10 years. With two locations, Harmony Hall brings the drinks and the entertainment. And of course, the food too, delicious wood fire pizza is at your fingertips.

But it goes beyond the perfect sip, in Grand Rapids, you can expand your palette and even become a full Brewsader!

“A way to encourage visitors to the area to visit multiple areas,” says Janet Korn, Experience Grand Rapids.

So, how do you earn the title? Well, the process is simple! You download an app and do virtual check ins at each brewery you visit. Once you hit 8 stops, you are an official brewsader and can claim a t-shirt with your new status.

While the brewsaders only require 8 stops, with over 60 stops to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Each place brings a flavor of their own.

 “I think the other part of the charm is each brewery and each brewery owner is passionate about their projects, and it’s such an easy way for them to experience the local culture and local people,” says Korn.  

Learn about Harmony Hall here. Find Experience Grand Rapids here.

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