57 Pep Talks: Former Notre Dame players Mike Golic Sr. and Mike Golic Jr.

ABC57 Saturday Kickoff host Allison Hayes is sharing messages of hope from those with ties to Michiana who are still finding ways to spread positivity despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Former Notre Dame players Mike Golic Sr and his son Mike Golic Jr shared these words of encouragement.

 “Hey Fighting Irish fans. Mike Golic Jr. here along with my dad, Mike Golic Sr. and we just wanted to check in and wish everybody well and give you a little pep talk in these trying times. Obviously, life has changed a lot in the last few weeks. But it’s important that we all continue to do our part, stay strong physically and mentally right now and most importantly, like any great team, take care of each other," Mike Golic Jr. said.

"That’s exactly right. The more we do that, the sooner we can be back to watching the Fighting Irish on the football field. And whether in the beginning it’s just watching them on TV and then eventually getting to the games, that’s fine, whatever way we have to do it, we still will be able to root for our Fighting Irish," Mike Golic Sr. said.

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