57 Minute Miracle: Niles man in need of a new set of wheels

NILES, Mich. -- Each year, ABC57 celebrates the holiday season with our 57 Minute Miracle series.

This year, Meteorologist Maci Tetrick took over this project. She travels to a random spot across Michiana (unannounced), and asks a person (also at random) if he or she knows of anyone in need of a holiday miracle.

If the first person can think of someone deserving, he or she becomes our miracle maker for the day. If the miracle maker can get us to the person in need in 57 minutes, that person will receive $570.

Maci's first stop was in downtown Niles.

While here, she found two miracle makers strolling along on a normal lunchbreak: coworkers Mary Jane Lorance and Paula Bongiovanni. The ladies thought of another coworker, Stanley Rohl, when asked who might need a little holiday assistance.

"He rides his bike to work every day," Mary Jane explained. "Pretty soon we're going to be moving plants. He's gonna need a little help buying a new vehicle."

Both Mary Jane and Paula were willing to help Maci find Stanley in the 57 minute time frame, so they set off to find him.

Watch the three videos above to see if the women successfully find Stanley in our first miracle of the week.

Remember to check back each day this week for a new town and a new miracle.

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