57 Minute Miracle: a new car in the New Year

NILES, Mich. -- The holiday season may be over, but holiday miracles are still happening thanks to the 57 Minute Miracle series.

Each holiday season, Meteorologist Maci Tetrick travels across Michiana and asks people (completely at random) if they know of anyone who could use a holiday miracle: $570 to use towards whatever they need.

The first miracle of the 2021 season took place in downtown Niles. During an everyday lunch break, coworkers Mary Jane Lorance and Paula Bongiovanni met Maci and told her about their coworker, Stanley Rohl.

"He rides his bike to work every day," Mary Jane said. "Pretty soon we're going to be moving plants. He's gonna need a little help buying a new vehicle."

Maci met Mary Jane and Paula in downtown Niles in late 2021

Shortly after meeting, the group surprised Stanley, who beamed with happiness. Stanley knew the $570 miracle from ABC57, combined with a holiday bonus from his company, could be just enough to finally purchase a car.

This week, Stanley reached out to ABC57 once again with an update.

Stanley and his new car, ready to take on the winter snow Stanley Rohl

He is now the proud owner of a 2017 Toyota Corolla in the Black Cherry Pearl color. He was full of gratitude as he shared the conclusion to his 57 Minute Miracle story.

"This evening, I get to drive my car to the store and buy some dinner to cook for me and my little puppy," Stanley explained. "Instead of having to ride my bike carrying a backpack."

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