57 Minute Miracle: A cross-county journey to a man healing from major injury

NAPPANEE, Ind. -- Our second 57 Minute Miracle of the week started in Nappanee, but as we soon found out, the journey wouldn't end there.

This week, Meteorologist Maci Tetrick is traveling across parts of Michiana, trying to make miracles happen.

In order to do this, Maci asks someone, at random, if he or she knows of anyone else who could use a little holiday assistance. If our miracle maker can name someone, and then can get us to that person in just 57 minutes, they will be gifted $570.

Coppes Commons in Nappanee was gussied up for the holidays, and it looked like the perfect place to start a holiday miracle.

Soon enough, a woman named Darcy Holsopple crossed paths with Maci. When asked if she knew anyone needing a miracle, Darcy knew her answer immediately.

"There is someone at my church," she told Maci. "It's Dan Yoder. In the middle of October, he fell when he was working from scaffolding, and yeah, had a severe brain injury and is recovering from that."

The only problem? Darcy didn't know where exactly the Yoder family lived.

Watch the journey to find Dan play out in the videos above, to see if we can gift his family the $570.

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