50,000 Grant goes to local non-profit El Campito

NOW: 50,000 Grant goes to local non-profit El Campito


A longstanding Law firm that started in South Bend is lending a hand to a local non-profit childcare center that has served the community for decades. 

Barnes and Thornburg Racial& Social Foundation has started three years ago, and has since raised 600,00 dollars from internal staff donations. 

This year a El Campito Child Development Center was chosen for a 50,000 grant. 

El Campito is a primarily bilingual low-income child-development center that is highly accredited, as one of the top 20% of Childcare in the county. 

Their mission is to promote the success of culturally diverse children, and has been since 1970 when the founders offered childcare in their home for migrant families coping with the struggles of starting a new life in South Bend. 

For more information on El Campito, see their website,

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