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Woman accused of killing cat, public nudity

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- A woman is facing multiple charges for allegedly killing a neighbor's cat, walking into another neighbor's home naked, breaking a third neighbor's window and battery to an officer, according to court records.

Mishawaka Police investigated the alleged incidents that occurred on or near Tabitha Wiley's home in the 700 block of E. 9th Street on May 30 and 31.

The first alleged incident happened on May 30 when Wiley went to her neighbor's home across the street, opened the front door and entered the home. Wiley was nude and exposed herself to the neighbor's 11-year-old child, according to the probable cause affidavit.

When the resident asked Wiley to leave the home, she did, reports said.

The next day, the same neighbor saw Wiley walking around her home with a knife. At one point he saw her walking towards another neighbor's cat.

Later that day, police received complaints Wiley was walking around the outside of her home while naked. When officers arrived, she was walking around wearing only a t-shirt, reports said.

When the officer asked Wiley to give him her name, she pointed her finger in the officer's face, reports said. He asked her not to do that and said if she touched him, she would be arrested, reports said.

Wiley then said she was going to hug the officer and put her hands on the officer's shoulders. She was then taken into custody, according to reports.

Another neighbor told police Wiley was on her porch so she asked Wiley to leave. As Wiley left, she broke one of the windows of the home, reports said.

The officer noted observing the broken window.

Another officer spoke to the neighbor across the street and he showed the officer where he had seen Wiley with the knife.

The officer went to the area and found a deceased cat with a wound on its stomach and blood coming from its nose, according to the probable cause affidavit.

The officer noted the cat had died recently.

The neighbor from across the street told police Wiley had assaulted his cat on May 24, reports said.

Wiley was taken into custody on the following charges.

  • Public nudity (misdemeanor)
  • Residential entry (felony)
  • Killing a domestic animal (felony)
  • Criminal mischief (misdemeanor)
  • Battery (misdemeanor)

The state requested a higher bond for Wiley because at the time of her arrest she was out on bond for nine separate cases involving charges of false informing and disorderly conduct; battery resulting in bodily injury; disorderly conduct; criminal trespass (3 separate cases); disorderly conduct and possession of methamphetamine; criminal mischief; and conversion.

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NikoOkamoto 103 days ago
Why was this woman, who clearly was a danger to the community, allowed on the loose? And what's with the Kitty Genovese attitude of the neighbors? Isn't everybody armed in Indiana? If I saw anyone with a knife about to harm an animal or person I'd figure out a way to shut it down right quick.
JoBlin 104 days ago
If her untreated mental health problems were dealt with first, rather than misdirecting her to the penal system, perhaps the 2nd set of crimes wouldn't have occurred.
What about the cat? Was the neighbor who saw her approaching the cat with a knife unable to stop or distract her, yell, grab something, scare off the cat? And, no one called the police immediately after the killing? No one loved the cat enough to hold her while she died or grieve her and bury her body?
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