What's also on the ballot in the Michigan Primaries?

NOW: What’s also on the ballot in the Michigan Primaries?

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. -- Some might think the primary is all about nominating a president, but voters are also deciding local measures Tuesday. 

Four local school districts have millage, or tax, proposals on the ballot.

“Without these millages, the school district doesn’t exist and over 500 kids don’t get an education," said Dave Campbell, superintendent of River Valley School District. "Everybody gains by kids getting a good education.”

The River Valley School District is asking for the public to renew its non-homestead operational and "sinking" millages.

“So, it pays for things like roofs, parking lots, doors, that kind of thing, basic maintenance of the school district that the sinking fund pays for,” Campbell said. 

ABC57 caught up with voters at the Chikaming Township Center where many voted yes on the proposals.

“I support public schools and I want the best education possible for the children in this area,” voter Doreen Bartoni said.

“I supported it," said voter Kevin Cassidy. "I think adequate funding for education is important. If they say they need the money I trust them.”

Other local school districts seeking millages Tuesday were Niles and Buchanan in Berrien County and Edwardsburg in Cass County.

Also in Cass County, a millage is on the ballot which, if passed, would secure the future of Cass County’s public transportation.

“Doctors appointments and grocery shopping and everything," said LaGrange Township Treasurer, Naomi Criswell. "It would just be horrible for our locale if we did not have Cass County public transit.”

Public transit serves roughly 6,000 in Cass County, and the millage would add $25 per $100,000 of taxable property value per household per year.

"Cass County needs a solid, reliable transit system for our seniors for students for new workers,” said voter Jim Pedersen. “Taxes are the dues we pay to live in society, right? So, for .25 mills, it’s well worth it.”

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