Veterans Memorial rededicated at Howard Park

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Howard Park’s reopening celebrations on Friday began with the rededication of a historic veterans memorial.

Many veterans and their families honored the names on the memorial of veterans who have passed and those who are still living.

First dedicated on Veterans Day in 1989, the memorial was moved to a new spot at the park a couple hundred feet away.

“I think it sort of bring back memories, some bad, but a lot of good memories because the memorial does leave a lot of good memories,” said Ed Buras, commanding officer of the Millers Vets Honor Guard and veteran.

The rededicated memorial resembles a bomb explosion with five diagonal pillars representing the five branches of the military.

Buras says that veterans go to the memorial to remember fallen soldiers and reflect on their own times fighting for the country, much like the D.C. memorial.

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