Timothy Donovan donates books to children's hospitals across the country

NOW: Timothy Donovan donates books to children’s hospitals across the country

Last season, we introduced you to Timothy Donovan, a lifelong Notre Dame fan who's been battling a lifetime's worth of illnesses.

Timothy has endured more than 50 surgeries, battling VACTERL, a disorder that abnormally affects many of the body's systems, as well as thyroid cancer.

But throughout his fight, Timothy's love for Notre Dame, and a special friendship, kept him strong!

Timothy first met then-Notre Dame offensive lineman, Dillan Gibbons, in 2017.

And immediately, a friendship was born.

"I made eye contact with Timothy. He was sitting in the back in his wheel chair, with his mom, Paula. Just standing there next to him. And I walked over there, knelt down beside him and we ended up having a conversation. The conversation felt like we were only there for about 5 minutes, turned out it was like 40 minutes."

Gibbons transferred to Florida State but their relationship remained.

So much so that Gibbons used his Name Image and Likeness for a GoFundMe campaign to send "Timothy to Tally" for the Notre Dame vs. FSU game last season.

The GoFundMe campaign blew up, raising more money than they expected and was the catalyst for Gibbons to create his own charity, Big Man Big Heart.

Now, Timothy is an ambassador for Gibbons' foundation and has started his own initiative to give back, donating books to children's hospitals around the country and right here in South Bend at Beacon Children's Hospital.

Timothy dropped off copies of "Rumple Buttercup", written by Criminal Minds actor Matthew Gray Gubler.

The book's message is to love yourself no matter your differences, a message that resonates with Timothy.

The Donovan family will be cheering on the Irish today against Marshall.

Then, they'll be hitting the road with plans to donate books at Florida State road game cities, including last weekend in New Orleans.

If you would like to donate, click here.

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