Tim Walberg wins Michigan's 5th District

NOW: Tim Walberg wins Michigan’s 5th District


ST. JOSEPH, Mich. – Republican candidate Tim Walberg has won the US House District 5 race in Michigan with 64% of the vote.

Michigan’s new Fifth District stretches from the eastern side of the state all the way to the western side, covering parts of nine counties, meaning for the two candidates looking to represent that district—they have a very wide block of voters that they’ll need to appeal to.

Walberg is currently serving his seventh term in the US House of Representatives—and while he’s technically the incumbent, he told ABC57 during the primary election, that he could not approach this race like an incumbent, due to the redistricting.

He faced Democratic candidate Bart Goldberg, a lawyer from New Buffalo in the race.

Goldberg, while having no previous experience as an elected representative, ran with a promise to expand healthcare access, and crack down on inflation.

Walberg also said he would fight, as well as reduce federal spending, while promising to cut back on federal regulations that, he argues, would keep some small businesses from growing.

He’s also calling for more border security, while simultaneously calling for immigration reform, to help legal immigrants acquire work visas much more easily.

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