The Brandywine Community School Board discussed defining "violent books and materials"

UPDATE: The Brandywine school board voted Monday night to lift the suspension on the Violent Book and Materials policy, unanimously passing. The media center will establish a rating system, similar to what's used for the sexually explicit books and content criteria. "Based upon their experience, they will rate that themselves using their resources," said Board President Thomas Payne.

NILES, Mich. - In the next phase of the Brandywine books policy, the council discussed the "violent books and materials" policy. 

On February 13, 2023, additional inventory of "sexually explicit" and "violent" books and materials were suspended. 

Tonight, the board discussed adding to the current policy or creating a new policy for "violent" books, listing definitions, a criteria and parental controls within the policy. 

Secretary Angela Seastrom discussed defining what is violent. 

"Unwarranted violence against somebody isn't necessarily educational," said Seastrom. "The Crusades is violent," she said, "It has a place in history." 

She wants a distinction to be made and then "piggyback" off of the explicit book policy. 

"It doesn't need as many controls in place," she said, thinking it's a little less ambiguous, since they have a starting point already. 

They voted to list the discussion as a "discussion item" and "action item" for the next meeting, with a potential decision to be made in November or December. 

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