St. Joseph County District 2 Commissioners race heating up

NOW: St. Joseph County District 2 Commissioners race heating up

ST. JOSEPH COUNT, Ind.--- With one week left until Election Day, St. Joseph County Commission District 2 candidates Derek Dieter and Oliver Davis both feel confident about their chances to win the seat. Dave Thomas currently holds the District 2 seat.

Davis and Davis both agree that the controversial vote to expand the Indiana Enterprise Center last month is a major issue in this election. 

Dieter says voters are also talking about public safety in the wake of this election.

"As it always has been, it’s always been public safety," said Dieter. "People worry about their roads, taxes is always a big thing because it’s a county issue, but it’s been the normal quality of life things that we’ve seen in areas like this."

Davis believes the county should focus on strengthening the health department and making it more accessible. 

"We have to continue to build up our health department," said Davis. "I even think we need to look at relocating our health department to make it more accessible to everybody."

Both candidates are encouraged by the early voting numbers in the county and believe those numbers will help them win.

"People should be involved in government that’s one of the things I wanted to do when I ran for city clerk along time ago," said Dieter.

"I’m glad that the people are voting, for those who haven’t voted, go out and vote. Go out and vote. Go out and vote," said Davis. 

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