Special prosecutor explains role, possible outcomes of police shooting investigation

NOW: Special prosecutor explains role, possible outcomes of police shooting investigation

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The special prosecutor who will be overseeing the investigation into the South Bend Police fatal shooting on June 16 spoke publicly about his role in the investigation Tuesday morning.

Ripley County Prosecutor Ric Hertel was appointed special prosecutor in this case last week.

He has been the Ripley County prosecutor for approximately 20 years and has been a special prosecutor in ten counties in Indiana over those 20 years.

Hertel said he is tasked with investigating, re-investigating, and reviewing the police action shooting on June 16.

He said he has asked the Indiana State Police to become involved in the investigation.

Although he knows the public and those involved want the case to be resolved quickly, he said he will take as long as it takes to get the investigation right and complete.

In addition, he said he will not be providing any updates during the investigation. He will only provide another update when the investigation is complete.

He cautioned the public against believing rumors and speculation on social media.

“I would caution the public in the social media age that we live in. there are going to be rumors, there are going to be discussion points. What happens in the investigation will come from me or the ISP," Hertel said.

Once the investigation is complete, he says there are three outcomes possible.

He will turn over the investigation's findings to the judge who appointed him, he will convene a grand jury or he will file criminal charges.

Hertel said he has met with the family of Eric Logan to introduce himself. He also spoke with the homicide detectives working the case.

Finally, he said he knows some will not be satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, but his obligation is to the constitution.

“I am confident that there are going to be portions of the individuals involved, the individuals in this room, and the individuals in this community will not be satisfied with my decision. I understand that whatever decision I make people will question it, and that’s ok," Hertel said.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Douglas Carter spoke about his agency's role in the investigation.

He said they are not conducting a review of the South Bend Police Department, it is an investigation into the incident.

Both asked for anyone with information to come forward.

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