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Special prosecutor appointed for fatal police shooting investigation

Photo credit Ripley County

The court has accepted the appointment of Richard Hertel as Special Prosecutor in the investigation into the fatal shooting of Eric Logan by a South Bend Police officer.

Hertel will be overseeing an independent investigation into the shooting.

He will also be responsible for the investigation and if necessary, prosecute cases arising from the investigation.

Hertel is currently the Ripley County Prosecutor.

South Bend FOP President Harvey Mills released the following statement regarding the appointment:

“The Fraternal Order of Police is confident that the special prosecutor appointed in this case will review the facts and conclude that Sgt. O’Neill was fully justified in using deadly force to defend himself when he was confronted by a convicted felon armed with an eight-inch hunting knife who advanced on Sgt. O’Neill and refused multiple commands to drop the knife.  Sgt. O’Neill retreated as far as he could and used deadly force just as he and every other police officer is trained to do in that situation."

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Bran198536 236 days ago
Hello world..at about 5:02 p.m I swear I heard Mr. Harvey the F.O.P president just stated, that, the officer shot Mr. Eric Logan, then the knife was thrown..
Sounds suspicious to me. What happened to the tasers or less lethal! Just my opinion but I know what I heard and maybe someone should try to go back to the live feed. R.i.p Mr. Logan
SteveWestlake Bran198536 236 days ago
Yep! That's what he said! A knife is a deadly weapon. A person within 21 feet of you can close that distance in 1.5 seconds. Bullet resistant vests do not stop knives. Oh by the way. That 1.5 seconds...a person can't draw a gun, acquire the target and fire their weapon that quickly. That taser thingy....they fail to do the intended job over 40% of the time. And Bran, when you are in a fight to save your life, less than lethal fails to be an option
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