South Bend's wait for measurable snow might be over soon

NOW: South Bend’s wait for measurable snow might be over soon

While portions of LaGrange, Kosciusko, and Marshall counties got a taste of winter over the weekend, most of Michiana was too warm to support much, if any, snow. 

Cold rain fell in South Bend on Sunday, meaning the wait for the first measurable snow of the 2020-21 snow season continues. 

However, that wait could come to an end Tuesday morning.

Temperatures will be cold enough to support snow initially across Michiana early Tuesday before transitioning to rain by the afternoon. 

On average, South Bend's first taste of measurable snow is usually November 8, so snow in 2020 is running about 2 weeks behind schedule. 

If we miss out on snow Tuesday morning, we'll have to wait until the start of December to get our next chance of (possibly lake-effect) snow.

We are still expecting a relatively mild end to 2020, with December temperatures likely to be above-normal for most of the country.

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