South Bend Common Councilmember Karen White strives to improve voter turnout

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - South Bend Common Councilmember Karen White has voiced her concern regarding low voter turnout and calls to the community stating "our responsibility" to address the issue. 

"This lack of participation has a profound impact on the representation and diversity of our community's voices," White wrote in a press release. 

To examine the root causes of the issues, White will conduct a five-step assessment: VOICE. 

"By examining Vogue, Outreach, Inclusivity, Convenience and Engagement factors, we can pinpoint and address the root causes for low voter turnout, enhance community well-being, and foster a more equitable and thriving society for all," she wrote. 

White wants community members to feel valued and included in community decisions and she's hoping for more diverse and inclusive civic engagement. 

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