Shooting sparks calls for policing changes

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- South Bend community leaders are speaking up amid tensions between the community and the South Bend Police Department.

For the second time this week, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski came face to face with a tense room full of community members asking for change after the fatal officer involved shooting of Eric Logan.

“It’s become tense because there have been concerns that we have had over time that have not been addressed. And because they have not been addressed we see our community deteriorating right in front of our eyes.," said Tiana Waddell. 

Waddell attended the town hall Sunday night to show the city, she believes she has a way bridge the divide between police and the community.

“Pete challenged all of us, what are we going to do? How are we going to help? I didn’t really come with questions, I came with a solution," said Waddell. 

It’s called and IDI  test, or intercultural development inventory test.

Waddell wants to test our local law enforcement to ensure that the officers on the ground are culturally competent to be working with people they encounter, and she has the support of South Bend Common Council woman Regina Williams Preston.

“This is an opportunity to demonstrate very specifically those officers who actually are culturally competent. That do have exemplify service skills. So this doesn’t have to be negative. This is something where we can really focus on the positive and gauge everyone in that discussion.”

The price tag for this test? Forty dollars a person, and both are calling on the entire department to take the test by Friday. 

“Because when I encounter you I want to feel safe. I don’t feel safe," said Waddell. 

Safety of the citizens of South Bend is a topic Mayor Pete spoke directly about last night.

“When somebody loses their life because of a civilian or because of an officer, and its happening all over the country but its happening here. Then I feel like it’s my job to face it," said Buttigieg.

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