Residents react to police ruling involving Mishawaka Mayor's son

NOW: Residents react to police ruling involving Mishawaka Mayor’s son

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- The Mishawaka Mayor’s son, Joe Wood, is facing no consequences after a traffic stop in October where officers are heard on police body cam video saying he reeked of alcohol and was driving with a firearm in the passenger seat. 

“Nobody’s above the law,” says Marianne Parker, a longtime Mishawaka resident. “He had a gun in the front seat, he smelled of alcohol, and nothing was done.”  

“I’m just thinking it’s another one of those things where somebody has power, and they can get away with some misdeeds,” Albert Nagy, another Mishawaka resident says about the situation. 

In bodycam video obtained by ABC57, officers are heard saying "He’s bombed." 

The interaction ends with the police Captain at the time, Eric Beckham, saying he will drive Wood back home.  

“Had it been me, would they have breathalyzed me? Would they have issued tickets or warnings or something?” questions Parker. “Would they have taken me back home to my house and make sure I get in safe?”  

The internal investigation found that no laws were broken during that interaction but noted that policy was violated by Beckham, who has since voluntarily stepped down as Captain to Lieutenant just this past Tuesday.  

“I think most people know what’s going on so, and unfortunately that’s the system we have,” Nagy says. 

“Whoever was at that site that night for that stop, evidently did what they felt was best, but was it?” Parker wonders. 

Residents of Mishawaka say they’re disappointed in the situation and that they hope it doesn’t become a pattern in their city.  

“I just hope whatever happens, if it happens again in the future, it’s not a repeat of what happened in the past,” Parker says. 

“Just don’t drink and drive,” advises Nagy. “Get an Uber or a taxi or something or other, but don’t drink and drive.”  

 Mayor Wood has yet to make any public comment on the situation or investigation. 

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