Reelected South Bend Councilwoman Karen White aims to "rebuild trust and restore hope" after Beacon Heights deaths

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Reelected at-large Councilwoman Karen White is using her voice to forge a new path forward following recent deaths in the community. 

In her role, Councilwoman White will continue to uplift and advocate for community voices.

White has been vocal the past few months about low voter turnout in South Bend, wanting to pinpoint the causes of low voter turnout to "foster a more equitable and thriving society for all," she wrote in a press release. 

True to her words, White encouraged local churches to ask their congregations to vote in this year's Super Sunday, not for her, but to give community members the opportunity to have a voice in the city. 

"Our focus was more on civic engagement, getting the information out, we didn't want this to become political. As you notice in the press release, we did not say to come out and vote for this person or that person or be a democrat or whatever, no. The issue was, come out and vote." said Councilwoman White.

Regarding crime in South Bend, White chooses to not "accept violence as normal." 

In light of two deaths at Beacon Heights Apartments, a shooting and stabbing within a week, White writes that she's deeply troubled by the recent violence and loss of life in Beacon Heights, rallying the community to work together to "rebuild trust and restore hope" for generations to come. 

"For the youth here, please know you are valued," she said. "We believe in you and will keep working to provide the support you deserve. Though darkness comes, light still shines within us all. Stay united - we will get through this difficult time by lifting each other up."


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