Pool contractor in hot water for unfulfilled promises

NOW: Pool contractor in hot water for unfulfilled promises

Joanne Slomski is a retired teacher who back in November of 2020 signed a contract with Maurer Specialty Pools and Concrete.

She paid up front over $50,000.00, hoping to increase her quality of life.

Joanna also has a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta where she's had over 200 broken bones.

She believes the pool will improve her quality of life and longevity.

But instead of a new pool she got excuses, debt, and a lien on her home.

Joanne was served with a lien on her home by John Ward Concrete Inc. because Jeff Maurer, the owner of Maurer specialty pools and concrete never paid for the concrete. The lien was for $864.00, a small amount given Jeff was paid over $50,000.00

Eventually the lien was removed, but it already caused unnecessary stress and Joanne believes her time is running out.

Indiana Secretary of state records indicate the business was dissolved back in June of 2021.

Jeff Maurer indicated he will be installing the handicap lift for free, provide a weekly cleaning service, and reduce the rate for concrete already installed.

Joanne believes the issue may be something else. She has talked to other customers who signed contracts after her. They're already swimming in their pools.

“Jeff Maurer, discriminates and scams people with disabilities, because like I said, why are these other people receiving preferential treatment,” states Joanne.

Joanne just wants to experience things that her disability doesn’t allow for her to do, except when she's in water.

“I can walk when the water is up to here shallow enough. I can walk around and it's just such a freeing sense of life I mean, it just makes me feel normal. And I can just go where I want and do pirouettes and, you know, walk back and forth,” says Joanne.

Joanne is hopeful that Jeff Maurer will hold up his end of the bargain, and finish the job he started almost two years ago.

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