Notre Dame football players react to Freeman's introduction as the new head coach

NOW: Notre Dame football players react to Freeman’s introduction as the new head coach

SOUTH BEND, Ind -- Players advocated for Marcus Freeman after hearing about Brian Kelly leaving and during the press conference where Freeman was introduced, players had the opportunity to describe the moment they were presented with the news.

"It was special man. He’s a special guy and he means a lot to this program and he means a lot to us," said Notre Dame Football Defensive Lineman Kurt Hinish.

The players showing their unwavering support for Marcus Freeman throughout the search for Notre Dame’s next head coach.

"I’m not sure there was a lot of doubts actually. The whole – there was – everything was undoubtable. We heard a lot of things whether coaches were leaving, staying. We didn’t know what was true. So we just tried to stay even kill and just talk to the right people," said Notre Dame Football running back Kyren WIlliams.

During the time where the world speculated who would follow behind Kelly, the players went to Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick, to let him know who they felt was the right person for the job.

"We weren’t actually talking to coaches but we were just talking to mr. Swarbrick to really allow him to be able to pick a great head coach," said Williams.

Players on both sides of the ball are united, now that the decision has been made.

"You know it says a lot, you know it wasn’t just the defensive guys getting excited about the new hire, it was the offensive guys too," said Hinish.

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