Notre Dame fans react to home-opener win

NOW: Notre Dame fans react to home-opener win

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A historic weekend ended in a decisive victory for Notre Dame football, as the Irish beat Tennessee State University, 56-3.

Following an offensive explosion in week one, expectations were high for the Irish to not only win this week but win big.

Prior to kickoff, fans predicted scores of 57-13, 42-18, 45-6 and other similar blowout scores, all in favor of Notre Dame. 

The Irish would deliver, and fans were decidedly relieved that they didn't see a repeat of the 2022 home-opener in which Notre Dame lost to unranked Marshall. 

Several fans around the campus following Saturday's game noted that while they think NC State will be a bit of a threat, most don't feel ND will be face a big challenge until their week five matchup against third-ranked Ohio State. 

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