‘More to discover in Indiana:’ See the Hoosier state's new welcome sign

You may know Indiana as the “Crossroads of America,” but the Hoosier State is getting a rebranded welcome sign.

The new sign replaces the slogan with, “More to Discover in Indiana,” though many are discovering they don’t like the new design!

The signs are part of the new tourism campaign from the Indiana Destination Development Corporation. The campaign, known as “IN Indiana,” is a post pandemic push to bring more people in the state to live, work and play.

IndyStar reports the state got a federal grant of $5.5 million last year to make this happen.

The only problem? A lot of people don’t like the sign!

“To be honest, I don’t really like the change,” said Notre Dame alum Paige DeVoe. “The old sign is a lot more welcoming, it makes you feel like you’re welcomed to Indiana. It has the state right there. The new sign says more to discover, which is great, but it doesn’t really give you that home kind of feeling when you’re coming back to Indiana.”

Nineteen signs across Indiana’s border are going up just in time for the Indy 500. Then, 57 more signs will be installed by the end of the summer.

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