Missing Jessica Gray’s family still searching nearly two years later

NOW: Missing Jessica Gray’s family still searching nearly two years later

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. — December 1st, 2019 is a date that haunts Carolina Gray.

Her daughter, 30-year-old Jessica Gray, was declared missing after Benton Township police conducted a welfare check at the home of 38-year-old Willie Lark Jr. 

Carolina has never stopped searching and said a few weeks ago, she was having dreams telling her to return to the former Martindale School on Laurel Avenue.

“Telling me get up, go check the spot,” said Gray. “Sometimes I’ll be like, I’ve checked this spot a hundred times, but it just keeps telling me.”  

It was at the back of the building that she found new items she’s sure are Jessica’s.  

“Blue pants with green on them that I remember her wearing, a scarf with a lot of polka dots on it,” said Gray. “I had Benton Township police come out and one of the pillows we found, he took the case off and there was a blood stain.”

The day Jessica was declared missing, officers found blood on the door as well as live ammunition and spent shell casings inside Lark Jr.’s home.

He was later arrested out of state for separate charges. 

“It’s going on two years since she’s been missing, there’s no reason she shouldn’t be found by now,” said Gray. 

The family hoped to search inside the Martindale School building Thursday but will have to coordinate that with Benton Township police.

According to the department, Lark Jr. is still a person of interest, but they could not share if the blood found at his home was ever identified as Jessica’s. 

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