Mishawaka Police determine no laws broken in case involving their own officers

MISHAWAKA, Ind. - Mishawaka Police have determined no criminal law was broken in a controversial case involving their own officers.

It's a case that stemmed from a traffic stop involving Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood's son Joe in October of 2022.

Police say they observed Joe Wood driving a vehicle shortly after midnight on October 28.

They say they witnessed several traffic infractions by Wood and when they stopped the car, they observed a gun on the passenger seat, and they say there were indications Wood had been drinking.

Captain Eric Beckham was called to the scene, and he decided that Wood should be taken to his father's house.

Wood was not tested for drunk driving.  

Beckham has since taken a voluntary demotion, although the reason for that demotion has not been clarified.

ABC57 will follow up on this story with questions about the investigation and the ruling. 

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