Michigan parents push for football to be played in the fall

NOW: Michigan parents push for football to be played in the fall

NILES, Mich --- A group of parents across Michigan are coming together to try and get the Michigan High School Athletic Association to reconsider moving its football season to the spring. A facebook group called "Let Michigan High School football play!!" has more than 13,000 members to support this cause.

Parents in the group are concerned that a spring football season could adversely affect fall sports. 

"A lot of our seniors and a lot of our kids who play football, they also play baseball so we’re not sure if they’ll have to pick which sport they want to do," said Misty Vaughn, a parent of a Brandywine High School player.

Another concern for parents is the safety of players in lower temperature settings.

"It’s Michigan in the spring, the ground could be rock hard," said Vaughn. "It doesn’t feel like very good playing conditions for the boys."

Parents say they're afraid that college recruitment and scholarships could also be in jeopardy if the season is played in the spring instead of the fall.

"A lot of kids they depend on football to go to college," said Vaughn. "College is expensive and they look towards sports to get in to college so we have no idea what’s going on with any of that."

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