Michiana's PBS station launches channel dedicated to kids

NOW: Michiana’s PBS station launches channel dedicated to kids


Michiana’s PBS station WNIT launched a new channel dedicated to children’s programming.

Children now have access to 24/7 programming focused on their specific needs on the PBS Kid’s Channel.

The launch also included games and features that provide seamless interaction with PBS Kids Programming and online activities.

"I describe this as the most significant, mission related event for WNIT since it first came on the air in 1974. Early childhood learning is such a big core of our mission. Also involved of course is civic engagement and the arts but overall education and in particular early childhood education is just absolutely at the core of what we do," Greg Giczi, President and General Manager WNIT Public Television said.

Researchers said that when kids engage with both video and games, it stimulates measurable learning gains.

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