Michiana's Menu: Howard Park Public House takes 'fine dining' to a whole new experience

Michiana’s Menu: Howard Park Public House takes ’fine dining’ to a whole new experience

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- For this week’s Michiana’s Menu, we are taking ‘comfort food’ to the next level. Located in Howard Park, lies the Public House.

“Something we like at Howard park is the comfort food, so that to me brought a lot of people in; it was nice fancy food but brought down to a made at home level,” says Blair Fuchs, sous chef of Howard Park Public House.  

With a menu spanning from burgers, to steaks, salads, shrimp and more, they really have a little bit of everything and all made from scratch.

But beyond the sizzling, tasty homegrown menu, lies something far greater…. the experience.

“Being here for families at the park, if you are out ice skating in the winter, keep you warm and fed, and if you are outside in the summer come on in and enjoy a burger.”

With an outdoor set up featuring games, toys, ice skating and more! Guests can not only enjoy a beverage and burger but also a glimpse into this South Bend hub.

Perhaps you want to start off your Sunday with brunch overlooking the park or maybe enjoy a drink and ice skating on a Friday night. The options are endless, and the people agree there is no place like it.

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