Michiana's Menu: Experience 'island time' at The Channel Marker

Michiana’s Menu: Experience ’island time’ at The Channel Marker

SYRACUSE, Ind. -- For this week’s Michiana’s Menu, we are clocking in on island time! Welcome to the Channel Marker! The restaurant and bar can be found along Lake Wawasee.

“But I didn’t want just a bar or restaurant per say I wanted to create an atmosphere, a feeling of the tropics if you would,” says Steve Johnson, owner of the Channel Marker.  

From the formal, cozy interior, to the tropical porch, and finally, a tiki bar, customers can find exactly what they are looking for! Steve Johnson first opened the social hub 28 years ago. Now, it has proven to be a staple for vacationers and locals, alike.

“We are a small town that goes to a big town overnight, once the sun comes out and the summer hits, this town explodes but we have regulars from Chicago, Indianapolis, and our local community,” says Johnson.  

The restaurant offers everything from specialty burgers and chicken, to seafood with hand breaded cod, salmon, lobster cakes, and a fan favorite, clam chowder! Everything on the menu sharing one thing in common…that is, made in house!

“We have a lot of unique dishes everything we do in the kitchen is scratch; we hand bread our own shrimp, we cut our own steaks,” says Johnson. “When we make a fettuccini, the sauce is made in the skillet to order it’s not something pre-made everything is done in that fashion,” says Johnson.  

And of course, we cannot go wrong with the drinks! Specialty cocktails, and refreshing juices are all at your fingertips! Whether by boat, car, or…

“In October couple airplanes that land on the lake once the piers are out and they come down and dock and have a clam chowder in a bread bowl which they have been doing since 1995.”

Yes, even by plane! Everyone swings by The Channel Marker.

Plan your visit here.

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