Michiana's Menu: El Amigo Pepe brings Niles tacos 'on the go'

Michiana’s Menu: El Amigo Pepe brings Niles tacos ’on the go’

NILES, Mich. -- Located in Niles, El Amigo Pepe has been serving the community authentic Mexican food for nearly 18 years. The family establishment relying on its food truck this past year in order to survive the pandemic. And it sure is cozy---combined with convenience.

From a menu full of burritos to walking tacos, the small space can feed any appetite on the go.

But it is not just the menu that keeps customers coming back. It is also the owner, José Méndez who pours his heart and soul into his craft. By the quality, you can taste just how much he cares.

“When I was young in Mexico I would try to cook with my mom all of the time but she kicked me out of the kitchen because a man cannot be in the kitchen In Mexico,” says Méndez. “I love to cook! Even when we have a long weekend I still go home and cook at home.”

After moving to America with his wife, José has dedicated every moment to providing a life for his children. Now, the restaurant is a family affair with every member playing a role.

“We have been extra close, as a family because it is a lot of work in a little food truck, and we have really learned how much we loved being a part of this community, Niles,” says Erik Méndez.  

For his kids, it is worth it, because of their father.

“He really is the hardest working man I know,” says Erik. “He used to always show me you have to work to support your family”

“At first I did not understand it because I always thought he gave to much of himself but now that I am older I realize he gets as much back. He is always willing to give everybody anything, he is always willing to help when anyone needs it but now I see it coming back around,” says Lizbeth Ruiz.

You can check out here for further information about how to take part in the fun at El Amigo Pepe.

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