Michiana's Menu: Coco's Restaurante brings authenticity to Elkhart

Michiana’s Menu: Coco’s Restaurante brings authenticity to Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind. -- Coco’s brings many of its customers a taste of home. The authentic, Mexican food is deemed some of the best of Michiana. With a dish that has the power to transport you to another place, it begs the question.

Who is the man behind the plate? Introducing…Coco.

“My passion for food comes from Mexico,” says Miguel Ruiz (Coco), owner of Coco’s. “In Mexico, I use to eat at different places.”

After moving to America, Coco and his wife decided to stay and make their new home in Elkhart. Coco’s wife started selling jello, yogurt, cakes, and tamales. The community fell in love with their cooking, and 6 years ago they officially opened Coco’s Restaurante. Now, for Coco, this place is family.

“I see this place as family,” says Coco. “Starting from my wife, she is the most important person here in the restaurant because she is the condiment and seasoning. She makes the seasoning of the food. The rest of the family I seen them like my own family. I have to see them that way because they are always there with me, and they help me move forward with this.”

What does the future hold for Coco? 6 years down, and many to go. Hopefully, with those years, comes even more growth.

“Like every other person who starts a business... a small restaurant... I want to grow,” says Coco. “I wish I could have a bigger restaurant but I like this one. This one here is the only one I have and I have to enjoy it. And I have to look forward and see if I can grow. That is what I want, to grow. To have another restaurant bigger”

And with a grateful heart, Coco attributes his success to the community.

 “I only want to say thank you to this country, this place Elkhart, that they have allowed me to work. I want to keep contributing to Elkhart in any way that I can,” says Coco.

You can find further information about Coco's here. 

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