Michiana's Menu: Caracas Bistro introduces Venezuelan food to Michiana community

Michiana’s Menu: Caracas Bistro introduces Venezuelan food to Michiana community

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- “We moved from Venezuelan a year before,” says Lucila Marin, Manager of Caracas Bistro. “There is no Venezuelan restaurants in the area so like Venezuelan immigration, and the Venezuelan population is growing in this area so we thought why not this sounds like a great idea.”

And a great idea it was! Caracas Bistro first moved to Mishawaka in 2017. Located off of Edison road, it is one of the only options in Michiana to find authentic Venezuelan food. And, for many in the community, it means more than just a tasty menu, but a taste of home, too.

“Sadly, our country went and is still going through very difficult times since probably 2014 a little bit before, and a lot of us had to leave the country not really wanting to but trying to look for a better place,” says Marin. “But the immigration here is growing, the Venezuelan population is growing so much, and it is great to hear from other Venezuelan people and non-Venezuelan people how nice this feels, and this tastes like home.”

While their diverse menu is undeniably unique, what caught the eyes of social media was their options for those craving some sugar!  

“Because the base is just ice cream and chocolate blended like any other milkshake, but it is putting all of this extra stuff and making it super fun and big and massive that makes people want to try it and take pictures and stuff,” says Marin.

The bistro offers milkshakes that know how to make a statement! These monumental drinks come in all different flavors from vanilla, to caramel, strawberry or chocolate. They are all topped with a pastry and extra ice cream to make the experience that much sweeter.  Still, their offerings go beyond dessert, but the food too! Customers can try out cachapas, a comforting blend of cheese and corn. Another fan favorite is the arepa, a tasty mix of cheese avocado, mayo and chicken!

Finally, if you come hungry, you have to try the pepito! It is a masterful mix of steak, potato, avocado, corn, bacon tomato, cheese all laid out perfectly on French bread.

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