Homeowner believes contractor created new issues while addressing old problem

NOW: Homeowner believes contractor created new issues while addressing old problem

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A South Bend woman had repairs done to the deck outside her home and unexpectedly found a new problem inside, a flooded basement.

She says it’s the contractor's fault.

"Oh, no, that's not the problem. I'm a contractor. I know what I'm talking about. Well, he didn't listen. So, he did it again, he put in a drain for me charge me another $900.  I still got problems. So, he's not fixed the water problem," said Pauline Dobbs

Back in the summer of 2019, Pauline Dobbs had her deck boards replaced by Michael Forrester of Construction Unlimited.

After the work was completed, she says water started to seep into her basement.

Pauline tells me that water in her basement was never a problem before the deck was replaced.

Her contractor Mike told her he can fix the problem, by putting in drain tile and pea gravel.

"It was a big old black tube, plastic tube like this round, I'd say maybe eight to 10 inches in diameter round. And he put gravel underneath that. And he put the drain pipe on top of it. And he says this will take care of your problem, you won't have no more water problems," says Pauline Dobbs.

According to Pauline the water issues continued, causing her basement to flood almost every time it rains.

"I have reached out to him. It's been two or three months ago when i first reached out to him. And we've texts back and forth and he said he was busy," Pauline Dobbs said.

Pauline is upset and feels taken advantage of because of her age.

She says she even tried to fix the problem herself by using things like flex seal.

She also says some of the deck boards are loose and there are a few questionable gaps.

I researched Construction Unlimited and according to the Better Business Bureau they have an A+ rating.

There are zero complaints on the Better Business Bureau website and they've been operating for approximately 19 years.

So, I called Pauline's contractor Michael Forrester to ask him about the water issue and loose boards.

He told me that the water problem is due to a design flaw and that the horseshoe shape of the home, along with the deck in the middle makes it tough for the water to drain away from it.

But Pauline disagrees.

Pauline told me, "Not one drop of water was in the basement."

I then asked, "And after the job."

"Ever since I've had problems," Pauline stated.

Michael told me he plans to fix the loose boards on Pauline's deck.

He also says he tried to resolve her water problem as a favor, making no profit on the job.

Michael believes Pauline needs to have an expert in basement water proofing look at her situation, which could be expensive.

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