MDHHS announces payment of $150k in overdue water bills

NOW: MDHHS announces payment of $150k in overdue water bills

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. — The water bills of over 200 Benton Harbor residents have been paid off, as the city’s tap water remains unsafe for drinking.

“We will continue to provide this support for people with their water bills as we are able to,” said Elizabeth Hertel, Director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. “We have this program specifically to help communities like this and other communities across the state.”  

$150,000 came in through an MDHHS grant, which allows 237 homes to no longer have to worry about their water being shut off due to an unpaid bill. 

It’s a service the state plans to provide to even more people, as long as you meet requirements from the federal government.   

“You must have a residential account, be in a disconnected status, and then 150% under the federal poverty limit or actively receiving food assistance, TANF, state emergency relief or social security,” said Hertel.

Residents should see updates on their water bills this month.

Mayor Marcus Muhammad reacted in a statement to ABC57, saying, “Governor Whitmer's executive directive to deploy all State of Michigan agencies to converge on the City of Benton Harbor to provide resources for issues related to the Water Crisis is being felt by Benton Harbor residents. Water is being distributed, lead pipes are being replaced and water bills are being paid. This is one more effort to ease the burden of Benton Harbor residents.”

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