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Mayor Buttigieg opens first Indiana field office in South Bend

NOW: Mayor Buttigieg opens first Indiana field office in South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- The Pete for America campaign officially opening an office in South Bend Thursday.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg addressed a crowd of hundreds from both South Bend and out of town who believe he’s going to be the next president.

The office located at 218 Sycamore Street is the first campaign office the Pete for America team has opened in Indiana.

ABC57’s Tiffany Salameh sat down to talk to Mayor Buttgieg one-on-one before Thursday’s opening. He explained that he wanted to make sure anyone who wanted to get involved with the campaign in South Bend could walk through the doors of a familiar place and get started.

“It’s really special for us to have a South Bend field office,” Buttigieg said. “Of course our headquarters is here, but the headquarters is not necessarily a place where a supporter or volunteer and be able to help or get involved.”

Anyone who wants to be a part of the campaign for 2020 can stop by the office during regular business hours to get information on how to get involved.

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Lisa7 110 days ago
Hey, I'm that Illinoisan in the video! I encountered so many friendly folks yesterday; thank you for your hospitality. This was my 2nd trip, ever, to South Bend, and my day was pretty full:

- Studebaker & History Museum
- Oliver Mansion tour
- Tippecanoe Place (had a bowl of their French onion soup at the bar)
- Fun, inspiring Pete For America office opening!
- Nighttime walk by the river to check out the light sculpture
- Chocolate Café for ice cream

In between visits #1 (Mayor Pete's announcement to run, in April) and #2 (yesterday), I read Shortest Way Home. Mayor Pete's book made me want to come back to check out the town at a more leisurely pace. South Bend did not disappoint!

I've done my research on Pete Buttigieg and am convinced he's our best choice for 2020. Look at articles from reputable sources, check out his interviews online, read his book. Pete's intellectual dexterity, empathy, eagerness to communicate, boundless energy, and genuine compassion would provide such a welcome change in the White House.

Thanks for having raised and supported someone as kind-hearted and wonderful as Mayor Pete, South Bend! And thank you for sharing him with the rest of us. I'd be bursting with pride if I were you!
CatWard 110 days ago
Fantastic! Putting campaign $ into the local economy rather than big ad buys is the way to be. It probably would have made more logistical sense to put his HQ in nearby Chicago, like Biden designated Philly over Delaware, but he stuck with South Bend. Nice work!
MX 110 days ago
Pete doesn't have a chance at getting elected. He's not even polling double digits. Of course, thought, like every other democrat, they won't bow out gracefully. Arrogant little Pete will soon be gone, and hopefully stay gone, leaving nothing but bad traffic, high crime, gay pride rainbow lights in the river.
Jkhall369 MX 110 days ago
Pete does have a chance of getting elected.
His fundraising alone shows he is a top tier candidate. His moderate message is what the majority of Americans agree with.
I'm not sure how you label him as arrogant when his tone and demeanor shouts humble.
Observer 110 days ago
These women who are "ga ga" over Petey being president...becareful what ya wish for, you just may get it !!!! I can't help but wonder if petey is planning on claiming ownership to the "touring bus" once the election is over?? It seems to me t hat the Dems usually have a ulterior motive for most of what they do. Cant help but wonder whose name the bus is in now.
SteveWestlake 110 days ago
Why didn't PeteY rent Boomer? That colossal two thirds of a million bucks needs to bring in something. That's correct! A 5th wheel trailer for $650,000. Can't wait for him to be Prez! The man's got nothing but unicorn dreams!
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