Mass shooting safety tips

NOW: Mass shooting safety tips

With mass shootings becoming so frequent in American malls, schools and grocery stores, some are questioning what exactly to do in the event of an active shooter situation.

Both the Indiana State Police and the FBI offer similar guidance and recommend following three simple and pivotal steps: run, hide, fight.

Experts say the first thing to do when there is an active shooter is escape as quickly and safely as possible.

If a safe exit is not a possibility, experts recommend finding a safe spot to hide and creating a barricade to impede the shooter.

When going to hide, it is helpful to join or guide others, as there is strength in numbers.

Fighting is the last resort, but if all else fails, use anything and everything within reach to combat the shooter.

It is important to note that every active shooter situation is different, and that there is no specific order to follow.

With the increased frequency of mass shootings in America, every family is advised to come up with a safety plan.

For the FBI's active shooter resources, click here.

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