Marshall County takes steps to fix failing sewer systems

NOW: Marshall County takes steps to fix failing sewer systems


MARSHALL COUNTY, Ind. -- The Marshall County Council will soon vote to support the first step in the county-wide sewer system.

In April, officials reported failing and inadequate systems that were causing concerns for the county.

The county found that older homes had failing septic systems and when those systems failed, there would be no room to install a new one.

The council is hoping to solve the problem preemptively by conducting a study about the area. 

“We’re being preventive rather than reactive to what’s going on. So we have a problem, we’re gonna bring a solution. We’ve asked Ken Jones to come in and help us look at our county and identify where all the problems are and what solutions we might do to help our homeowners,” Byron Holm, Marshall County Health Officer said.

The $45,000 study is funded by the County Health Department’s budget and not the general fund.

The sewer system study is expected to take between four and six months to complete and should provide options on hot the county can move forward.

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