Love mural demolition ceremony to be held Monday

ELKHART, Ind. -- Before the final bricks of the Kelby Love mural in downtown Elkhart are demolished next week, Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson is inviting the public to a special presentation that will be attended by Kelby’s mother, Mrs. Glenda Love.

At 10 a.m. on March 11, the mayor and staff will join Glenda Love at the mural and present her with the brick that holds Kelby’s signature that has been extracted from the mural.

Also, during the presentation, Mayor Roberson will share plans for the mural’s future.

Demolition of the mural will start Monday, after the presentation and in-tact bricks will be made available for the public to keep.

Details on pickup date and time of the bricks will be shared once demolition is complete.

Planners of the event say parking will be available at the north end of the demolition site and drivers can access parking by turning from Main Street onto Redding Avenue. Walk south down the alley towards Prairie Street to gain access to the mural site.

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