Local South Bend author reflects on queen's influence

NOW: Local South Bend author reflects on queen’s influence

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A local mystery writer born and raised in South Bend has a unique connection to the United Kingdom.

Jeanne Dams, who is an Agatha Award winning writer, has written 25 murder mystery novels set in the United Kingdom. Dams travels to the United Kingdom often for inspiration when she writes her novels.

Dams was on a boat in the Thames River in London doing research for her 26th book when Queen Elizabeth II tragically passed away. She witnessed the impact the queen had on locals as they mourned for their late queen.

"The people I've talked to have said nothing will be the same. that she was unique and uniquely beloved." Said Dams.

"she said when she was crowned that she would devote her life to her country however short or long it would be well it was very long and she never strained from that path of duty." Dams added.

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