Local reactions to Indiana abortion ban taking effect

NOW: Local reactions to Indiana abortion ban taking effect

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Thursday marks the official start of Indiana’s new abortion ban taking effect across the state, which effectively outlaws abortion clinics in South Bend from providing abortions.

Reactions from the community are mixed about the new law, but some are worried about what the future of the state will look like without access to abortion.

“It just makes me sad for the community; for all the women,” says South Bend resident, Jessica Pollardsmith.

Without abortion access in the Hoosier state, many are feeling frustrated knowing the option is no longer available.

“As women, we should have the right to be able to go into the clinics that keep us safe,” Jocelyn Erlacher says, another resident of South Bend.

Folks on the other side of the argument, including Right to Life Michiana, are feeling relieved that the restriction on abortions will save countless Hoosier lives.

“We are encouraged by the possibility that it could limit upwards of 95% of abortions in our state,” says Executive Director of Right to Life Michiana, Antonio Marchi.

However, they also know that women and children in the community are struggling under the new law, and are extending their help towards them.

“As Indiana’s new law goes into effect, we’ll continue to show women that they can get all the help and support they need right here in our community without turning to abortion,” Marchi says.

The enforcement of the new law worries some residents in the community about what the future of our state may look like as a result.

“It has saved so many women from horrible experiences having to take maybe into their own hands,” says Erlacher.

“Our pregnancy rates for our teens are low at this point,” Pollardsmith says. “It’s not a normal thing to see a teenager walking around pregnant anymore, but we’re going to see teenagers walking around pregnant because they don’t have an option to get the Plan B, they don’t have an option to go and get an abortion, or women who are in abusive relationships that don’t want to bring a child into this world.”

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