Local organizations delivering water to Benton Harbor residents

NOW: Local organizations delivering water to Benton Harbor residents

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. — Efforts are ramping up to make bottled water delivery available for residents.

“We try to deliver a smile as well as some good water,” said Pastor Taurus Montgomery with Harbor of Hope Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Pastor Montgomery has assembled a team that’s ready to go door-to-door for their neighbors in need of clean water.  

“You have senior citizens or homebound individuals who can’t come pickup water at any location, so in order to meet that need we thought it was a great opportunity to deliver.”  

MDHHS is working with local organizations like Harbor of Hope to designate them as deliverers.  

They’re welcoming as many people who need the service to reach out, but in order to not overwhelm volunteers, MDHHS can only set up deliveries for those who have no other option.  

“For those who need water delivered to their home, call 211 and the state will process their request and then we’ll get their information to make the delivery,” said Pastor Montgomery.

The 211 number is available 24/7 and always confidential.   

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