Local foundation touts the importance of filling out census forms

NILES, Mich – The Berrien Community Foundation is making an effort to make sure every resident is counted in the 2020 U.S. Census.

“The Census is saying this is how many people live here and it’s to get our fair share of dollars in Berrien County,” The Berrien Community Foundation Census Hub Coordinator Kathy Stady said.

According to the foundation there’s a possibility of up to 30,000 people not participating in the survey.

There’s $1,800 attached to every resident that is counted meaning for those that aren’t counted the county stands to lose millions.

“Berrien County is at risk of losing $44-million dollars a year for 10 years that’s $440-million dollars that we have today that we will not have if these 30,000 people don’t get counted,” Stady said.

According to the foundation there are confidentiality measures in place to protect people who are concerned about giving information.  

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