Listenberger elected Mayor of Plymouth by narrow margin

NOW: Listenberger elected Mayor of Plymouth by narrow margin

PLYMOUTH, Ind. - Democratic candidate Robert Listenberger has been elected as the new Mayor of Plymouth, securing just 18 votes more than his competitor, Republican candidate Greg Compton. 

Listenberger's first goal? To make himself known to Michiana. 

Despite having worked in Plymouth politics for years, Listenberger wants his outreach as mayor to go beyond city limits. 

But within the city, Listenberger says he's excited to push for the economic and population growth of Plymouth, attracting new jobs and businesses to the area. 

Listenberger says former Mayor Mark Senter has been a friend of his for years, and knows he and residents will help him get used to this big change. 

His win marks the first time in 15 years leadership in the city has shifted from Republican to Democratic. But Listenberger says it's not about party lines but how he can serve as Plymouth's leader. 

"Rs and Ds don’t matter in Plymouth, Indiana," said Listenberger. "We work alongside everybody, and so that’s how we’ll do it, so when I take office on January 1st, I won’t be a D or an R, I’m here to serve the people."

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