Knowing the severity of your child's sports injury as school sports season begins

NOW: Knowing the severity of your child’s sports injury as school sports season begins

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- As classrooms fill with kids again, so do the sports fields and courts.

The fall high school sports season is back in session, and it's important to know when an injury from practice or a game, requires more than just a Band-Aid.

Most sports injuries can be healed over time at home, with things like rest, elevation, heat or ice.

If the injured area looks crooked, the child is experiencing numbness in the area, or it has a lump or bump around it, it's a good idea to seek additional medial help.

Saint Joe Health System partners with multiple local school districts, employing the athletic trainers that work on site at the Michiana schools.

Athletic trainers are there during those games or practices, and they're able to assess injuries on the spot and refer student athletes to Saint Joe Health for further treatment, if needed.

They also work with students before practices or games, checking in on past injuries and doing rehab exercises.

The Sports Medicine Institute at Saint Joe Health in Mishawaka also offers a walk-in clinic for the area student athletes.

Every week, Monday through Friday, athletes can walk in without an appointment between 8-10A.M to be seen by a sports physician.

You can learn more about the services the Sports Medicine Institute offers here.

You can read more about what athletic trainers do and which schools each healthcare provider works with here.

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