Keystone RV to close two Goshen factories

NOW: Keystone RV to close two Goshen factories

GOSHEN, Ind. -- Keystone RV has announced that they are closing down two of its plants in Goshen.

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed motorhome sales to record highs over the past two years, but how each individual company fared varies.

While Keystone RV, which is owned by Thor Industries, did not say specifically why they are shutting their two Goshen factories down, inflation and supply chain issues are hitting the RV industry just as hard as any other sector.

“The industry is facing a lot of the same issues as the other companies and the economy as a whole,” said Monika Geraci, a spokesperson for the RV Industry Association.

The last time Keystone RV closed down a plant was in 2009, affecting 256 employees.

This closure is reportedly expected to affect closer to 150 employees during a time of economic crisis.

Despite short term closures plaguing many different companies, there is hope that openings will be coming back soon.

"We do expect to get back to a normal level of RV production as we continue through the rest of the year," said Geraci.

The City of Goshen voiced concerns about the factory closings and said they are working with business and industry leaders to better understand the situation and see what may come in the future.

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