Irish Legends: Brady Quinn gives back with foundation supporting veterans

Irish Legends: Brady Quinn gives back with foundation supporting veterans

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - Former Notre Dame and NFL quarterback Brady Quinn always knew he wanted to give back but wasn't quite sure how.

That's when a chance meeting with a military veteran helped it come together.

"The appreciation really started at a young age and then from there it only continued to grow," said Quinn. "About 2010 I was in Denver with the Broncos talking to a wounded warrior at that point in time and just asked him some questions about how I could help. And I called back and told my dad about the experience and said I want to do something to help out and do. And he said why don't we find a veteran in Columbus, Ohio. We'll do a home remodel first because my dad builds homes, remodels homes. And you can help fund it. So we started with one veteran, one project and then from there it continued to grow and grow and grow."

Brady created the 3rd and Goal Foundation as a way to give back to veterans who are building a life after service.

The 3rd and Goal Foundation is centered around three pillars: home, education, and joy. Not only does the foundation help remodel homes, it also helps returning veterans start, continue, or finish their education.

While the foundation started in his hometown area of Columbus, Ohio, Quinn is helping vets in Michiana, too, and reaching west to Denver and Seattle. Now, the foundation is helping more than 2,100 veterans a year.

"It's hard transitioning out of the military back into civilian life, and you don't have the same structure that you want to have serving," said Quinn. "So we try to provide a similar environment."

From everyday necessities, like toiletries and food, to home repairs and accessibility and spreading Christmas joy, everything at 3rd and Goal starts with family.

"My dad was a Marine of Vietnam," said Quinn. "And then my grandfather was in WWII in the army and the tank brigade…My grandfather passed when I was young, but just from the time that I was able to spend with him, you know, all those things always played a role in just not understanding [but] appreciation for it, even at his funeral. You know, when you, when you have that sort of salute, and you have that quarter sort of sendoff. It's pretty special, pretty memorable. Something you obviously can never forget."

Click here to learn more about 3rd and Goal or apply for assistance.

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