Irish fans react to loss in home opener against Marshall

NOW: Irish fans react to loss in home opener against Marshall

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Notre Dame took the loss in their home opener on Saturday against Marshall; a game that was predicted to be won by the Irish by over twenty points. The Irish are now 0-2, but fans are not losing hope quite yet!

“We’re so sad! We wanted to win, and we didn’t get it,” says Cathy Quinn, a Fighting Irish fan visiting from New York. “What are you gonna do?”

Fighting Irish fans are a bit shocked to say the least, at the result of Saturday’s home opener against Marshall. They say the fourth quarter is when things went downhill for Notre Dame.

“We were up 15-12 in the fourth quarter and then we just kept turning the ball over,” says local Irish fan, Joey Buscareno. “We couldn’t perform in the end and that’s what matters.”

“I have to agree,” adds another fan, David Fulcher. “We just never got going, and when we did get going, it just died.”

Marshall fans on the other hand expected to come just for a good time, and are just as shocked and proud of their team for beating the odds.

“We were 20 and a half points spot. We weren’t supposed to win,” says Harold Bare, a Marshall fan. When asked how it felt to win, Marshall fans Marnie Bare and Tonya Wood chime in, “Terrific, terrific!”

Although Coach Marcus Freeman wasn’t able to pull of a win tonight for his first home game, fans say the potential he brings for the future of the team is what matters most.

“He’s going to be great for the program,” says Terry Kavanaugh, another Irish fan visiting from New York. “He’s probably got butterflies in him right now, he’s going to get rid of them and once he does, he’ll turn it around.”

“I feel like the coach has a lot of potential, especially recruiting potential,” says fan, Lauren Whalen. “He has a lot of value in the whole industry. I really am excited for what he’s going to bring to the team, and I’m so happy for the rest of the season. I know we might be on and off, but we’re literally going to dominate the next four years.”

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