Irish cornerbacks get new addition just before Blue-Gold game

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - Notre Dame football is nearing the end of spring camp, with the Blue-Gold game slated for this Saturday.

Just ahead of the annual game, the Irish have a new addition to the cornerback room.

The news that took everyone by surprise over the weekend was third year receiver Lorenzo Styles will begin playing on defense joining the cornerbacks and Tuesday was his full day him in a white defensive jersey.

Moving Styles to defense isn’t a random move.

Styles played the cornerback position in high school and says he comes from a defensive family, including his brother at Ohio state.

“I come from a defensive family defense background. So yeah, I don’t want to say I'm a defensive guy at heart but I love playing football, but it's easy to talk about defense with those guys,” Styles said.

Styles will play both wide receiver and cornerback for the Irish and his new position group can already see some things they like in the junior.

“He's physical. So, it's a great addition,” said cornerback Ben Morrison.

“He's very strong quick, you know, he plays a great effort, you know, he plays fast diagnose routes really fast,” added cornerback coach Mike Mickens.

Adding Styles to a position group with tons of experience will be intriguing for the Irish defense

“You always want the player to be willing to do it and also willing to go and I think he has an interest as well,” Mickens added.

“I just made the transition, this is my first full practice at DB (corner). I felt really good,” Styles said.

“Defense is kind of the mindset. So, you got to really if you don't have the mindset to go out there and really hit someone, be physical, put hands on somebody, it’s not gone really work out to well for you. So, I think I've already had the mindset to notch just for finding my game,” Styles added.

The addition it only makes things better when you’ve got the leadership & experience of graduate senior Cam Hart.

“When I'm approaching the game, I'm studying the receiver in and out, I'm studying with that receivers going to do,” Hart said.

“You get best of both worlds you got a Cam Hart that's been around played a lot of ball for us that's very vocal in a room and just the guys going in that way,” Mickens mentioned.

Of course the biggest factor of all, ESPN true freshman All-American cornerback Ben Morrison.

The sophomore snagged 6 of the 10 team interceptions for the Irish, as a freshman.

“I just feel as if like last year was scratching the surface for me.

I mean, you can't be complacent at this level. I mean, at any day your job be taken or you can mess up I mean, so you can't be complacent. And that's just a known thing in the building,” Morrison added.

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